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The world of porn is here to please so many of our fantasies. There is even a rule on the internet called “rule 34” which says that if something exists, there is surely porn of it. But there’s something much more interesting than that classic porn tube site where you go watching all your favorite porn stars and amateurs fucking like crazy. There’s the world of adult gaming, which is coming as a more interactive alternative to watching porn. The Online Adult Games website is here to prove you that there are so many alternatives to porn, which are much more interactive and immersive. We have a collection just as diverse as your favorite porn tube. But on our site, you will be part of the action. And the action is much more advanced that it used to be a couple of years ago.

The collection that we have here is only coming with HTML5 games. These games are coming with graphics in your browser that can be compared with the ones you get in mainstream games. The engines in these games will make the movement seem so realistic and the bodies of the characters so responsive. Not to mention that you will get customizable characters who can be made to look just like the women of your dreams. The collection that we’re offering you on our site is coming with so much awesomeness. And it’s not just for the straight men, as the porn world tends to be. We have games for our gay community, we have games for women and couples, even furry games and lots of fetish games that are going to please any kind of fantasy you might have. Read more about our collection and about the platform on which these games are delivered in the paragraphs below.

So Many Games To Choose From

When you will get on our site you won’t even know where to start. We have so many categories that are featuring games in which all kinds of kinks can be enjoyed. First of all, let’s talk about our main categories on the site. One of my personal favorite and the category that draws so many players is the parody sex games one. It comes with all your favorite characters in all kinds of wild adventures that will please your most twisted fantasies. The cartoon sex games will let you finally see the pussy of chicks such as Lois Griffin, Marge Simpsons, Elsa from Frozen, Velma from Scooby Doo or even Mrs. Incredible. Then there are the mainstream video games parodies, which are turning your favorite games into porn. You can enjoy Overwatch porn games on our site, along with World of Warcraft XXX, GTA Porn and much more. The movies didn’t go unnoticed by the sex games creators. You will find hardcore games featuring all the hotties from The Game Of Thrones, Star Wars or Avengers.

Another popular kink on our site is all about family sex fantasies. I know you’ve seen that all over the internet on porn streaming sites, but experiencing the incest kink in games hits a bit different. You will play the games from the perspective of the sons, brothers or fathers who are enjoying the joy of sinful incest. And that’s just perfect for anyone out there who wants to experiment with this kink as it will give you a much more personal experience.

And if you want to take out your wrath on someone, then you should check out the naughty BDSM simulators that we have on our site. We have so many games in which sex slaves will scream and suffer at your command. You will be able to play them from both the perspective of a master or a dominatrix, and we are one of the few sites to bring you male domination games, in which you can fuck men in the ass with a strap on or make them cry through CBT.

Queer And Fetish Online Adult Games

One of the things that makes us much more interesting than the rest of the industry is the fact that we have games for everyone. First of all, let’s talk about all the gay porn games on our site. We know that they are enjoyed by our gay visitors, but also by bisexuals and bicurious guys who want to try out the gay experience. We have simulators for both hardcore sex and for gay dating. And then we have the hentai gay games which are actually enjoyed by the ladies. The women who are on our site can enjoy lesbian games that were made for them, not just for the straight guys. And then we have the games for the ladies who want to experiment with the cheating fantasy or with the rape role play fantasy. On the other hand, we have games for couples. You can open up to your partner about your kinks through the help of our games, which are much better for couples than porn videos, as they won’t make people feel insecure about their looks.

At the same time, we have fetish games that can please so many of your dirty fantasies. You can play games that will please your feet fetish, we have pregnancy porn games and don’t even get me started on the anal and oral fixations that you might have and which can be pleased by so many of the titles in our collection.

All These Games Come To You For Free

When we created this site, we knew exactly how we will make our money, and asking them from you was never an option. To be honest, we do it through advertising. But it’s not the same type of advertising that you find on the other porn gaming websites. We have just a couple of banners and a skippable video at the beginning of the game. That’s similar to what you get on your favorite porn tube.

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